Nr 1 – 2016 (69)

Special issue “Shifting borders in religious education”

Abstracts (English)

Abstracts (Eesti)

Olga Schihalejev, Karin Sporre, Geir Skeie,  Gunnar J. Gunnarsson, Antti Räsänen
Shifting Borders in Religious Education

First section: Subject RE on different kind of borders

Jenny Berglund
On the Borders: Religious Education in Northern Europe

Leni Franken
In Favor of a Shift, Against Elimination: The Future of RE in Catholic Schools in XXI Century Belgium

Dzintra Iliško
Shifting Borders of Religious Education towards Greater Frames of Solidarity

Second section: Studies about teachers

Niclas Lindström, Lars Samuelsson
Which Values are Reproduced within the Swedish Educational System?

Sören Dalevi, Kristian Niemi
RE Didactics in Sweden – Defined by The National Curriculum? Discussing Didactics of RE in a Swedish Context

Anuleena Kimanen
Developing Pupils’ Skills in Inter-Worldview Dialogue

Third section: Borders between secular and religious, studies about pupils

Gunnar J. Gunnarsson, Hanna Ragnarsdóttir,  Gunnar E. Finnbogason, Halla Jónsdóttir
Young People’s Views on Religions in a Multicultural Society

Phra Nicholas Thanissaro
Buddhist Teen Bowing to Parents: Straddling the Border between Private and Public Religion

Fedor Kozyrev
Turning Toward Subjectivity in Religious and Values Education Research